HVL Orientation Video 2 - Advanced Settings

Congratulations on getting your site setup and running! Now that you're up and running, let's take a quick tour of the dashboard and look at some of the ways that you can customize your Home Value Leads site. Are you tired of reading already? Don't worry, you can always jump down to the bottom of this page to watch the video that explains all of this. 

Words of Warning
We have extensively tested nearly every aspect of this site, and the "default" version that we set you up with is the best converting options we have. Please be aware that making changes to any of the settings may affect your conversion rates and we encourage you to test any changes that you make.

The Dashboard
Now that that's out of the way, let's take a look at the Dashboard. When you first log in, you will land on your lead dashboard. This will be a list of all of the leads that your site has generated. Since you are just getting started, this is probably blank, but don't worry. Follow our instructions and it will fill up quickly!

On The Sidebar
You will notice that the leads are divided up into 4 different types: New leads, Complete Leads, Partial Leads, and Total Leads. 

  • New Leads - Leads that you have not viewed yet. Simply click on the name or on the N next to their name to get rid of this tag. 
  • Complete Leads - A complete lead is a lead that has provided any sort of contact information other than their address. Usually this is the email address, but can also include name and phone number. 
  • Partial Leads - These are leads that put in their address, but then left the site once they saw they had to put in contact information. They did not receive a home value report. They provided no way to contact them. 
  • Total Leads - See all of your leads, partial and complete, in one view. 

There are several columns for information on your leads:

  • Name
  • Address - If an automated report was generated, you can click on the address to view the report that they received.
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Lead Source
  • Lead Added (date/time)
  • Email Subscription Status
If you don't care about all of that information, you can turn on the "compact view" by clicking the button above the leads, and you will only see the important information. 

You also have the option above the contacts to Export your data into a CSV file, or manually add a new lead. 

Notification Settings
You would probably like to know when you get a lead, yeah? Go to Site Settings and click on Notification Settings. All leads will be emailed to the admin email by default, but often times people would like to send leads to other email addresses. For instance, if you have a CRM that accepts leads via email, such as Follow Up Boss, you can input your lead notification email address from Follow Up Boss into the new lead notification box. If you want to send to additional people (such as an admin, ISA, or a lender), just separate additional email addresses with a comma. 

Text Notifications
Here, you can also set up text notification for new leads. Simply turn this feature on, put in your cell phone provider, and your cell phone number and you will be up and running in no time.