Facebook Website Conversions

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This post assumes you already set up GTM, Facebook Pixels, and Facebook conversions.  


Let's get started on your first Facebook ad setup using website conversions as your objective. 

Go to

The page that looks like this: 

Click on " Increase conversions on your website"  

Click continue at the bottom.

You will need to select the conversion you want Facebook to optimize for. 

Type in HVL COMPLETE LEAD or whatever you named your custom conversion when you set up GTM, Pixels, and Custom Conversions

Now it is going to ask for an area to target. The default page looks like this image which is wrong so we want to modify the default. 

Location: Change it from "Everyone in this location" to "People who live in this location" that way you are targeting people who live in the area and not someone who is just in the area because of work or vacation. 

Type in your target area: We recommend targeting  multiple zip-codes in one city or a specific area (i.g. downtown, northside...) within a city, but not the whole city. There is a one ad one area policy we go by. If you work multiple areas then we highly recommend setting up multiple ads, one ad per area. 

Remove the +25mi radius.  Click the down arrow next to the city and change it "Current City Only." Your screen looks like this:

Scroll down to the next section

The default looks like this image: 

Do the following:

Age - 35-65+  works in most areas.  You want to set a minimum age that is inline with when people usually start selling.  Does a 25 year old have a home in your area?  What about a home they are looking to sell? - Keep in mind that you might not be able to target by age per your state or local Fair Housing.  Consult your broker before you target by age. 

Language - Leave blank

Detailed targeting - Type in homeowner and select the one that says Demographics >Home>Home Ownership ( not interests > homeowners)

Connections:  Leave as is

It should look like this.

scroll down

Default Placement looks like this:

Click on "Edit Placements."

Click the down arrow next to Facebook and then un-tick: 

  • Right column
  • Instagram
  • Audience network

You will have Facebook > feeds which means mobile and desktop feeds. End result will look like this. 

Optional: You could also change device type to mobile only - you will get cheaper clicks so you will be able to extend your budget a little bit. - if you change to mobile only you will need to un tick instagram and audience network again. 

Scroll down

Put in a daily or lifetime budget and an optional end date and change "conversion window" to 1 day.

Depending on how big of an audience your ad is being shown too will depend on how long your ad can run for before getting "stale." Let the first ad run for about a month.  When you notice a slow down in leads over a couple day period, you will want to go into your ad account and pause the campaign and start a new one for a different area.  We will also email you when it might be time to pause your ad and make a new one for a different area. 

After you set your budget and end date hit continue.

Now we are going to set up the ad creative.

Make sure "Single Image" is selected.

We will then want to select three images to use.  Selecting "Single Image" with three images will ultimately set up 3 separate ads and Facebook will automatically show the ad that is working the best. 

To select 3 images, you can click on upload images to upload your own images.  If you do not have 3 images then you can select "free stock images" and select three images. Try typing in house, suburban, home, mansion.

Select three images that look like a typical home that your typical client owns.  Use a a mix of interior and exterior shots.

(Do not upload homes with for sale signs, people in front of the home, your face on the image, or words on the image.)  

After selecting three images, the image section should look like this:

Next step is to connect your ad to your Facebook business page and create the ad copy. 

Select your Facebook business page. 

Enter your HVL URL into the "Website URL" field.

Ignore Canvas

After adding your HVL URL into the "Website URL" field most of the copy is pre-populated from your HVL site but use the following instead:

Add a headline: Version 1: Name of City + Home Values or 

 Version 2: Name of City +Home Worth 

Add text: This new site can tell you what your " Enter name of City" home is worth INSTANTLY!

Click on "show advanced options." 

See image below.

Add text to the "link description" field: Get a free instant "Enter in name of City" Home Value Report in 2 simple steps.  

See image below.

This is the copy we recommend.  Substitute Long Beach for the city/area you are targeting:

  • Text: Are You Thinking About Selling? Get Your FREE Long Beach Home Value Report Today!
  • Headline: Get Your Long Beach Home Value
  • Link Description: Get A Free, Instant Long Beach Home Value Report In 2 Simple Steps.

Click create order, and leads will start flowing shortly. NEW - Remember - don't run ads a couple days before/after a holiday because clicks are more expensive.

NEW - You just set up 3 separate ads, all three have the same exact copy.  The only thing that is different is the image used in the ad.  FB will learn which image is working the best and then slow the poorer performing ads down over the next couple of days.

If you would like to set up 3 more ads using a little bit different copy, you can continue reading below. 

1- Open up your list of campaigns by clicking here

2- You might see one campaign, or lots of campaigns, it just depends on how long you have did FB ads for.  You will want to click on the campaign name you just set up a couple of minutes ago, the website conversion one. just click on the campaign name on the left side. 

Now a list of your ad sets should show up. You likely only have one ad set, click on the ad set name on the left side. 

FYI- This is a campaign for our ad management clients. We set up two ad sets - one targeting males, and another targeting females. Each of these two ad sets started with 24 ads.  A variation of 2 images, 2 headlines, 3 text, 2 link descriptions and using enterprise tools we are able to really dial in on what ad works better pretty quickly. 

After clicking on the ad set name you will see the list of your ad from what you set up above.

All of these have the same copy, we want to make a couple more ads with different copy.  

Click create ad button.

A new window will pop up that shows the existing targeting and settings from the ad set these ads are going into so just click continue. 

And now we are at the same screen that we saw a couple of times already, but you can scroll up to repeat the steps with image, but the steps without images is listed below.

1- Select single image

2-Upload a couple of images - the more the better  - remember to use a mix of exterior and interior shots. 

3 - Select your page

4-Put in your website URL

5. Skip canvas

6 Put in copy for title, headline, link description. - remember to include the city name you are targeting. 

7. Click create

Now the new ad or ads will show up within the same ad set so click on the campaign name.

Click on the ad set name to see a complete list of all of your ads.