Email Marketing

Home Value Leads has a drip campaign built directly into it! We recommend that you go through and customize each of the emails to make sure it sounds like you, your business, and your area. Don't forget to add some personality! You can also completely rewrite the emails, add new emails, or turn them all off if you already have a campaign that sends through another CRM. 

Here are the basics. For a more detailed explanation and demonstration, please see the video at the bottom of this article. 

Go to the Email Marketing Tab. Once there, you will see the email templates that have been loaded into the system for you. By default, all of the email templates are ACTIVE and will send automatically to anyone who puts in an email address. 

We watch our deliverability and our spam complaints very closely. If you abuse the email marketing system, we can and will turn of the ability to send emails from your site in order to protect the rest of our clients.  

Email Marketing Navigation
On the top of the email marketing tab, you will see 2 buttons:

Send 1 Off Email - This will send an email to your ENTIRE database. This can be used for things like listing announcements or other special announcements. Keep in mind the warning above. Don't use this feature too frequently as it can result in SPAM complaints.

New Email - Create a new email for your drip email system. 

Modifying The Drip Emails
To the right of the drip emails, you will see a drop down list called "Actions" - this gives you the ability to edit the email or delete it all together. If you accidentally delete the email, it cannot be recovered. It is recommended that instead of deleting the emails, you simply edit them and use the status button to turn it off. 

Once inside the email, you can edit the emails however you see fit. You will notice a number of placeholder buttons on the right hand side. These can be placed anywhere in the text or subject line of the email to personalize the email for the lead. 

  • Name - Inserts the leads name, if it was given, into the email. 
  • Address - Inserts the street address that was entered for the lead.
  • City - Inserts the city the home is located in.
  • State - Inserts the state the home is located in. 
  • Zipcode - Inserts the zipcode the home is located in.
  • Random Number - Inserts a random number between 2 and 5. For instance, "We have {$random_number} clients looking for a home in your neighborhood right now!"

The following placeholders will ONLY work if you are using Automated Data (sorry Canada) and a report was able to be generated:

  • Price Estimate - This will insert the automated price estimate into the email. 
  • High Range - This will insert the high range number into the email. 
  • Low Range - This will insert the low range number into the email. 
  • Property URL - This will insert a link to the home value report.
  • Price Change - Will only work if they have received a report previously. This will show up as "Increased" "Decreased" or "No Change"

When To Send
Our system allows you to schedule emails based on either the date the lead first registered on the site or the day that their updated report is sent. Emails scheduled based off of date of registration will only send one time when they hit that day. Emails based off of the report update will send at the specified time after each report update. 

Thoroughly confused about all of this? This video below might shed some light