Dynamic City

One of the best features that separates us from other companies is Dynamic Cities. This allows you to have virtually unlimited landing pages, all you have to do is set it up.

Here are the basics. For a more detailed explanation on how it works, watch the video below:

  1. Go to Site Settings > Dynamic Cities
  2. Turn on Dynamic Cities
  3. Set your default city. This can be a general area or a specific city. For instance "Dallas area" or Dallas County"
  4. Click on Update Info
  5. Click Add City
  6. Put in the city name.
  7. (optional) Put in a phone number for that area. If you don't put anything here, it will use the default phone number from your profile. 
  8. Click on "Update Info"
  9. (optional, but recommended) You can now upload a custom background photo for that city. If you don't upload a background photo for the city, it will use the default background photo for the site.
  10. Continue to add as many cities as you like. 

When you set up your ads, you will send them directly to the dynamic city page. For instance, if you are running an ad for Los Angeles, you would do sellmyhomeindallas.com/los-angeles and the person who clicks on that ad will automatically see Los Angeles as the name of the city (and the background photo associated with it if you uploaded one). You can run another ad at the exact same time targeting people in New York City and send them to sellmyhomeindallas.com/new-york-city. Each ad will always show the correct city name and background photo for the appropriate target. 

Dynamic Cities is not JUST for cities! 

Dynamic Cities works for neighborhoods as well. Work in a suburb or specialize in a specific neighborhood? Set it up as a dynamic city. My neighborhood is called Trafalgar Square, so I can send people to SellMyHomeInDallas.com/Trafalgar-Square and they will see "What's Your Trafalgar Square Home Worth?". You can set up as many cities or neighborhoods as you want. Get creative and say What's Your Luxury Home Worth? by putting /luxury after the .com in the address bar.

Don't understand? Watch the video below.