Zapier Set up

To create a zapper connection between your HVL account and another source do the following. 

1 - Go to your zapier home page -

2 - Click "Make a zap" on top right.

3 - Click on "web hook"

4 - Select "Catch Hook" and click continue.  On the "Pick off a child key" page, ignore everything, click continue.

5- Copy the Zapier hook and paste it into your HVL notification settings, "Push new leads to Zapier Webhook." 

6 - After pasting the URL into your HVL settings, HVL will ask you if you want to disable your HVL email/sms follow up. 

7 -After pasting in the above hook URL into your HVL settings page, go to your HVL home page and go through the system like a lead would.  This will complete the zap trigger set up. 

8 - Go back to the Zap trigger set up and click on the "OK I did this" button.

9 - After clicking on "OK I did this" you will see a page that looks like this. Click continue.

 10 - After clicking continue, the zap trigger will be set up and you will see a dialog box that looks similar to the following image.

11 - Click on Add an action step now to create the action step.  After clicking on create action step you will be able to select your CRM to send your HVL leads to.