Partial Leads Phone Call

Partial Leads

If you are able to locate a phone number for a partial lead, here is a script you can use.

Hi, I’m looking for_______... Hi ______ this is __________ with __________ Realty!

The market has been EXTREMELY active and I noticed that someone from your home had requested a free home valuation…

1. I was just wondering….When do you plan on moving?

a. If Soon…

i. Excellent! If you sold your home… where would you go next?

ii. Wow… what takes you to _____

iii. That’s Exciting! How soon would you like to be in ______?

iv. Well Thanks for taking my call… Let me ask… if there was a financial advantage to selling your home now…would you sell it? Great! Lets schedule a 20 minute meeting and I’ll tell you exactly what it would take to get you top dollar… I have an availability _______ or would _______ be better for you?

b. If Just Curious…

i. Ok, no problem…. (Name) you have been great to chat with... I have to get running, yet real quick… I’ve spoken to a lot of people in your neighborhood… and many people have asked me to keep them up to date with what’s happening in our local real estate market…would you like me to send you a copy of that information as well? Great, I just need your email address... 

ii. Great. Is this the best cell phone number for you? Thanks…What’s your best email address?