New Year Prospecting Script (Phone)

Hello Mr/Mrs Homeowner, (use name whenever possible)

My name is _____ with ______ Realty. You signed up to get a home valuation from my site back in *Month*. With the new year coming up, I'm looking to help homeowners get a jump start in getting their home listed and SOLD. Have you thought about selling your home this Spring or Summer?

*No* - Ok, thank you for your time. By any chance, do you know of anyone in your neighborhood or near by who might be looking to sell? I've got a buyer who is very interested in buying a home in your area sometime in the next few months.

No - Ok, thank you very much. I'm going to send you an email with my contact information in case you think of anyone.

Yes - Get the person's information.

*Yes*- Great! I've spoken with a number of people already today who plan to do exactly that, but what I've found is that they don't realize the timeline involved. When were you looking to move by? (They usually say around May). Did you know that the average real estate transaction takes about 10-12 weeks to close? Once you find a buyer and go under contract, that process takes about a month. Marketing your home to find that buyer can take around a month or so. Not only that, but I also hire a professional photographer to come in and take amazing photos and start premarketing the listing immediately, which is about a 2 week process.

Now, you said you wanted to move around (May 1st). If you want to hit that deadline, that means you need to have your home listed and on the market no later than the middle of February, and earlier is better.

And don't worry, if the home goes under contract faster than expected, we can always put an extended closing date or do a temporary lease back if needed. We can always ADD time but we really can't make the process run FASTER unless we reduce the price, and I'd like to help you make every penny you can on the sale of your home.

Tell you what. Why don't we get together and meet face to face. I can come by and give you a more accurate assessment of your home's value and point out a few little things that you might be able to change to maximize the value of your home. I have Thursday at 6:30pm or Saturday at 11am. Which works best for you?