Facebook Ad Trouble Shooting

Are you new to Facebook ads or just getting started with Home Value Leads? One of the fastest and most efficient ways of generating quick leads with Home Value Leads is through Facebook ads, but they can be a little tricky to figure out. One of the most common question we get via email as well as via our private Facebook group is "My Facebook ad has been running for 2 days and I haven't gotten a single lead. Why isn't my Facebook ad working?"

***Please be advised: Facebook has multiple versions of the ad manager. If your screen doesn't look exactly like this, please try to find similar information within the ad manager. If you can't figure it out, we would need access to your Facebook account (Username and password) in order to help in this situation.***


Facebook Ad Statistics

The problem with the default reporting in Facebook is that it doesn't give you a lot of information. The first thing you will want to do is change the "Columns" from Performance to Performance and Clicks as shown in the screenshot below. This is where you will find the most helpful numbers and the statistics that you can use to diagnose the issue yourself or the statistics that we will need in order to help you. 

First things first, if your ad hasn't been running for at least 48 hours, you probably don't have enough information to say that your ad isn't working. If your ad has been running for at least 48 hours and you still aren't seeing any leads, then here are the statistics that you should look at:

#1) Results - This number should be telling you how many website clicks you have gotten. Chances are, if you aren't getting many leads, that this number is very low. In general, you should get AT LEAST 1 complete lead for every 10 clicks. If you are getting a lot of clicks but no leads, then there is a disconnect between your ad and your HVL site. Make sure that your site has the same city name as the area you are advertising for. (Check out our document on Dynamic Cities to get more details on that). If you have less than 10 clicks, then your issue is probably with item #2.

#2) Reach - This is the total number of people who have seen your ad. If your ad has been running for 48 hours, this number should be at least 1,000. If you have a VERY low reach, then the issue is most likely your Cost Per Click being too low. If your reach is greater than 1,000 and you are still seeing less than 10 clicks, then your problem is most likely with the ad creative - either the photo you used isn't good or you didn't use the correct text. Go back and edit your ad. The most effective ad photo is an external shot of a home common to the area. If you are targeting an area with mostly $300,000 homes, don't use a photo of a million dollar home. 

#3) Frequency - This is the number of times that the average person has seen your ad. Just like a television commercial, after seeing the same commercial over and over and over again, you lose interest very quickly. If your frequency is high, then it may be time to either change your ad to freshen it up or change the area that you are targeting to get a new audience. Depending on your budget and audience, you may have to do this weekly, every other week, or monthly. 

#4) Click Through Rate - You will have to scroll over to see the click through rate. Ideally, this number should be above 1%. If it is too low, then either your ad isn't enticing enough people to click on it OR people have seen your ad enough times that they won't be clicking on it anymore. Look at your FREQUENCY number to determine which of these it is. (If your frequency is below 3, the problem is the ad. If frequency is above 3, then you may need to target a different area for a little bit.)

Still can't figure out where the problem is? Please send us these 4 statistics plus a screenshot of your ad to so that we can give you suggestions about how to fix your ads.