How Do I Set Up My Custom Domain?

Welcome to Home Value Leads! We are glad to have you on board. 

The first thing you need to do to get your Home Value Leads site up and running is to provide us with a domain name. 

Step 1: Buy A Domain

If you need to purchase a new domain, just google "  GoDaddy Discount Code" and the first result will be an ad for GoDaddy offering you a discounted domain usually for $1 for the first year. 

We suggest that you use something that is specific enough to be familiar to your target audience, but generic enough so that you can use it to advertise to all of the areas that you work. If you are wanting to target multiple areas, you do not have to buy multiple domains. Read this article for an   explanation on how our Dynamic Cities feature works. 

Step 2: Edit DNS - Create A CNAME and an A RECORD

Follow the steps below to create a CNAME and A RECORD with GoDaddy so your domain can be used with HVL.

  1. Sign in to your Godaddy account.
  2. Click on Manage.  

  3. Your screen will look one of the following images.

    If your screen Looks like "Image A" click your domain and then click "DNS ZONE FILE".  If your image looks like "Image B" Click the gear and then click "Manage DNS".

  4. In the A (Host) section, look for "@" and click the edit button on the right side.

  5. Edit the "points to" field to our IP address which is

  6. Scroll down to the CName (Alias) section, look for "www" and click edit.

  7. Edit your settings to look exactly like the image below.  Hit finish.

  8. Hit save changes. And then scroll down for the final step. - the correct points to IP is

Step 3: Connecting Your Domain to Home Value Leads

Go  here to add your domain to your HVL site and hit save. If you see an error message click recheck every couple of minutes until the error message goes away and then hit save.  When your screen looks like the image below your site will be live and you will then want to complete your profile section here.

If you can't figure this out, you can call godaddy but we recommend that you supply us with your godaddy login info so we can take care of DNS and adding your domain to your app.

Links That May Help You:Managing DNS Settings For GoDaddyManaging DNS Settings For 1and1