Get Help With Your Facebook Ad

We are sorry that you have had trouble with your Facebook ad! 

First things first, if your ad hasn't been running for at least 48 hours, you probably don't have enough information to say that your ad isn't working. If your ad has been running for more than 48 hours, then we just need a few simple statistics from you in order to help you out. Please go into your Facebook ad manager and go into the campaign that you set up for your Facebook ad. To get the statistics that we need, you will need to change the "Columns" from Performance to Performance and Clicks as shown in the screenshot below. 

If your ad has been running for at least 48 hours and you still aren't seeing any leads, then here are the statistics that we need:

#1) Results
#2) Reach
#3) Frequency
#4) Click Through Rate

Please send us these 4 statistics plus a screenshot of your ad to so that we can give you suggestions about how to fix it. If you don't have a screenshot program, we recommend a plugin called Awesome Screenshot which is available for most internet browsers. It is free and easy to use.