HVL Orientation Video 1 - The Basics

Welcome to Home Value Leads! In this tutorial, we will be completing three steps to get you up and running as quickly as possible so you can start generating leads!

Are you more of a video person? Watch the 4 minute video down at the bottom of this article. 

Step 1: Set up your domain
If it isn't already done, you will need to enter your domain name to get your site up and running. Make sure to include the WWW. before the domain name (like This may require that you make some changes to your domain through your registrar. You can see exactly how to do that HERE.

Once this is completed, you should receive a success notification that your website is now live. Congrats!

Step 2: Upload a Background Photo
One of the biggest items that affects conversion rates on these sites is the background photo. We recommend that you use an exterior photograph of a home that is common to the area you are going to be marketing your site in. Most people use a photograph of a past listing. If you don't have one, you can ask your broker or another agent in your office if you can use one of theirs. Still no luck? Just step outside and take a photo with your smart phone. If all else fails, you can usually buy a stock photo from one of numerous websites out there (like  Photo Dune). If you are going to buy a stock photo, try to get one that is 1200x600 pixels and has a file size less than 900kb. DO NOT use a photo that has a "For Sale" sign in it, a photo with any branding on it, etc. THIS WILL LOWER CONVERSION RATES. 

Step 3: Complete Your Professional Profile
People need to know who you are! Plus, you have to fill out the professional profile before you get access to cool features like automated home value reports (US Only, sorry Canada) and drip email campaigns.

Here, you can upload your personal photo or a team/brokerage logo. This will show up on the confirmation page as well as on the home value reports. Don't forget to add in an email signature here as well. Below these two items will be your personal information. Please fill this out completely, as it is required for CANN SPAM (US) and CASL (Canada) email regulation compliance. If your state, MLS, or broker requires certain information to be included on the site (such as your name, broker's name, phone number, etc), please make sure to check the "Include In Copyright" box. If you need to add in your real estate license number, we recommend doing that next to your brokerage name. 

Now click on Update Info and you are done and your site is ready to rock and roll! We recommend going through the site at this point as if you were a lead and get a feel for how the site looks and what the process is. Once you have completed that, it's time to move on to some of the more advanced options. 

Confused about anything? This video will help: