What Does "No AVM Available" Mean?

"No AVM Available" is an error message that you get when our system is unable to generate an automated home value report. The lead will receive a message notifying them that no automated report could be generated and that you will follow up with them soon. 

There are several reasons why this error can occur:

1) The address was not entered in the proper format or information such as the unit number (for condos) was left out. 

2) The home is in an area where not many homes have sold recently, and so there aren't any comps to be able to get an accurate value. 

3) The home is in an area with a lot of new construction homes, making it difficult to determine an accurate value. 

4) We just don't have enough data on the home to be able to determine an accurate value. We'd rather not show a value than show a bad one.