My site description on Facebook is wrong!

Home Value Leads uses a dynamic tag on our sites to display the city that the lead is in to make the website more personal for the lead, which increases conversion rates. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't display the dynamic city and instead will only display the default city. If you are posting your link to Facebook in a regular post (and not in a Facebook ad), this may cause some issues. This is how you fix that:

First, you need to go into your SEO settings inside your app (click here to go to it directly). You will need to change the Facebook description to remove the {$city} placeholder and replace it with whatever you want to show up (something generic), or just delete it completely if you prefer.

You aren't done yet... Facebook caches all websites (stores the description in it's memory) that are linked to, so you also need to clear the Facebook cache. In order to do that, go to THIS WEBSITE and input your home value leads site URL and click on "Debug". Once you have done that, your new edited SEO description will show up when you post the link into Facebook.