How to connect Sendgrid to HVL

If you are using a custom domain as your Home Value Leads domain then you have the option to send the automated email follow up emails from an email address on that custom domain instead of from our default email address of 

Sendgrid is free. Connecting Sendgrid to HVL is simple.

After creating a free Sendgrid account, you can follow the guide below or email us your login info and we can connect your Sendgrid account to your HVL account.

After creating a free account on, they will email you asking you to confirm your email address. 

Click "Review Security" button to continue.

The next screen should look like this:

Click on "Continue to Twilio SendGrid" unless you want to enable Two-Factor.  

After clicking continue we need to set up a single sender

After clicking create a single sender you will need complete the form.

The email address you entered on line "from email address and line "reply to" is the email address that HVL will then use to send email from on your behalf and should be an email address attached to the custom domain you are using.

After clicking create you will a screen that looks similar to this.

Check your inbox of the email address that you used for the from/reply listed above and and wait for the email from Sendgrid asking you to verify your from/reply to email.

After verifying your email you will land on this page.

After clicking on "return to single sender verification" you will see that email has been verified.

The last step is to copy the Sendgrid API key into your HVL settings.

Lets create the API key by going to the API settings page and click on create API key.

After clicking create API key, name your key, select full access, and click create & view.

Click to copy your API key and click done. You will never be able to get this key again after clicking done so make sure it is copied to your clip board.

After it is copied, go to your HVL notification settings and paste the copied API key into the API key field.

Finally, add the from/reply to email from earlier in this tutorial as the "sending email address"

After doing the above, HVL will use your Sendgrid account to send email on your behalf. 

The following steps are optional.

For a better email deliverability rate and to remove the "via" text that some inbox providers append to your from address, you can authenticate your domain with Sendgrid.

Select your DNS host or select other and hit next.

Type in the domain that you are using for your HVL custom domain which is also the domain portion of your from/reply to email that you set up above.

 After hitting next, a list of DNS records will show up that you will then need to add to your domains DNS records. After adding to your domains DNS, click verify and you are done. If you are not sure how to edit your domains DNS records then you can email us the provided CNAME records to support at along with your domain register login info (go daddy, google domains, etc) and we can set this up for you