Domain Verification on Facebook

This part can be kind of tricky the first time around. If you would like us to do all of this for you we can, just email us at and let us know that FB is impossible to navigate and that you "would like HVL to verify your domain and setup the custom conversion events for you." 

If you already created a business manager account and added your personal ad account and page to it, you can verify your domain within Business manager so that conversion events work with the iOS 14.5 update.

You own your domain (not and you want to verify on FB. If you are on a subdomain, this does not apply.

1. Go to the domains section of your business manager and click the add button and enter your HVL URL. 
2. Under Meta-tag Verification tab, they will provide you a code that looks like this:  
<meta name="facebook-domain-verification" content="849e2ydfjkhsbkoag6980016ykgjhva802af" />
3. Using the above meta name as an example only, you would paste the portion of code that looks similar to 849e2ydfjkhsbkoag6980016ykgjhva802af into your HVL settings into the Facebook domain verification box and hit update. Do not paste the = or " " or /> Your string of characters will look different than the one here.
4. Click "Verify" button on FB domain setting page.
5. Click here and then click open in events manager, then click "Aggregated Event Measurement protocol." On the next screen, click "configure web events."  
6. Click the yellow explanation point and then manage events.
7. Click add event, then choose/select your pixel, and then within the event name drop down select lead. Hit save.
You are done with FB domain verification and setting up events. 
Now, you will need to select your verified domain within the ads you have already setup.