How do I cancel my account?

Please be advised that we are here to help!  There are real people running this company, we're not robots and we want to help you understand the service. 

Did you want to cancel for one of the common reason's below?  If so there is an easy fix.

Reason: Editing DNS was too complicated. Fix: We already gave you a sub-domain and your site is live instantly - no DNS editing needed!  Also, you can ether go here for directions to edit your DNS or email us to edit your DNS.  

Reason: Thought we sold lead.  No Fix: We still don't sell leads, BUT it has been proven that HVL can generate leads at a steep discount compared to buying leads.  The leads generated with HVL are also exclusive.

Reason: Did not receive leads/Sending traffic to the landing page was too hard. Fix: Ads can now be set up automatically within your admin panel ad tab.  Enter in the name of the city and your daily budget.  Click create ad to get started.  

Reason: The given values were wrong. Fix: You can adjust the values given in the backend AVM/Reports tab.

Reason: Didn't ask for help or could not set up retargeting. Fix: We have a step by step tutorials.  Also, just ask for help.

If you need help with something else, please let us know and we would be happy to assist you to try to solve the problem. 

If you still want to cancel,  our cancellation policy is explained in section 5.4 of the Terms of Service, which is your contract with us. In summary:

  • For monthly subscribers, we’ll continue to charge your credit card until you cancel your subscription.
  • To cancel, simply click the cancel link within account settings and your account will be cancelled immediately. Or send us an email from the account email to to let us know you want to cancel.
  • If you cancel by email, include your account information (domain name and email associated with account).  
  • Your account will be turned off immediately following your cancellation request.  No partial refunds are given. 

Please make sure you have exported all of your leads prior to canceling. Once taken offline, you will not have access.