What Is A Partial Lead?

Q: I am getting people who put in their address, but don't leave any contact information even though I have email address required. What's going on here?

A: Any lead without contact information is called a "partial lead." What has happened is that they have visited the website and put in their address, but then left the site once they saw they needed to put in contact information. They did NOT receive the report, even though a report will be generated, because there is no way to deliver the report. 

Unfortunately, most people don't want to put in contact information because they think that they are going to get flooded with spam. Don't get discouraged, because you will generate a lot of partial leads - usually between 50 and 70% of your leads will be partial leads, and that is just the nature of online lead generation. (Think about all of the people who visit your regular real estate website but never register or submit an inquiry)

Partial leads are not useless though. You have a physical address for them so you can still market to them - IF you want to. Nobody says you have to. Some do, some don't. It's completely up to you.