SMS (Text) Messaging

You can now include SMS messaging in your email drip campaigns. Simply go to your Lead Follow Up tab, click on "Add New Message" 

You will then go to the "Add a Campaign" page. Under Follow Up Type, select Text. 

You have up to 160 characters. Try something like "Hey, just wanted to discuss your home value report. When is the best time to call you?" 

You can use the "First Name" field to automatically put their name into the text message.

Finally, put in when you want to send. Leaving it blank will send immediately when the lead registers (even at 3 in the morning) so it's not recommended unless you want them replying at 3 in the morning. ;) 
Otherwise, the text drip will be sent out at 10am PST. 

**IMPORTANT** - To receive text replies, your mobile number must be the number listed in your user profile.  

You will get 50 text messages per month absolutely free. If you need more, just email