Video is a powerful way to show off your marketing abilities, your knowledge, and generate a ton of leads. Videos are the wave of the future people. Most people would much rather watch a 1-2 minute video vs reading a market report blog. They are not looking for professional quality, they are looking for information. As long as you can deliver information, they won't care if you stuttered on that one word or say "umm" alot (I'm guilty of that one). You are a real estate agent, not an actor, producer, and cinematographer. Less than 10% of real estate agents use video to market themselves. Do you want to stand out above the crowd? Of course you do. 

Good news: You don't have to get in front of the camera if you don't want to! Several services have popped up recently that allow you to get automated market videos every single month that you can then take and share on Facebook, upload to YouTube, and place on your website. My personal favorite is a service called " Market Videos". Pricing isn't displayed until you go to sign up, but it is $29/month for a single market video (only one area), or you can upgrade to their pro plan for $49/month and get 5 different areas. Here is a sample video: 

Don't mind being on camera? Fantastic! There are options for you as well. I'm playing with a fantastic new app that just came out for iPhone and iPad called Video Teleprompter. This program allows you to write a script that you can read as you look into the camera of your iPad or iPhone and see the video that is being made at the same time. The results are some pretty darn good looking videos. They have a  FREE version which allows scripts up to 150 words, or if you can spare $7, you can get the PRO version which has unlimited word scripts.

When it comes to video, I take the Nike approach - JUST DO IT!