***IMPORTANT NOTE*** If you change your subdomain or add a custom domain, any reports that went out before the change will NO LONGER WORK. If you are a new client and have just tested a few addresses, this is no big deal. Please keep this in mind any time you think about changing your subdomain or custom domain

When you first create your Home Value Leads account, you will automatically be assigned a subdomain that your site will show up on. 

The default subdomain will be a combination of your email address and random numbers, as shown below:

You can either set up a custom domain with a domain that you own, or you can customize your subdomain. Below, you will see that I have customized my subdomain by simply changing "Brian3256" to Dallas.

Subdomains are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! If someone has already selected the subdomain that you put in, you will receive the following error message: