Background Photo

One of the biggest items that affects conversion rates on these sites is the background photo. You can customize your background photo under the Site Settings Tab

We recommend that you use an exterior or interior photograph of a home that is common to the area you are going to be marketing your site in. Most people use a photograph of a past listing. If you don't have one, ask your broker or another agent in your office if you can use one of theirs. 

Still no luck? Just step outside or stay inside and take a photo of your home with your smart phone. If all else fails, you can usually buy a stock photo from one of numerous websites out there (like  Photo Dune). The ideal size for a photo is 1920 Width X 1080 Height.  The aspect ratio is 16:9. Use as high resolution as possible. If your photo is blurry you'll need to upload a larger photo. 

No cityscapes, dark images, landscapes, parks, no images with "for sale" or other words, no branded sites. etc.  These types of images lower conversions.  The default image that came with the site is our only stock image.

If you set up Additional Cities, you can have a different background photo for each additional city. If you don't upload a background photo for each city, the system will just use the default background you uploaded. 

If that doesn't work, you can email the photo to support by replying to any of the emails we have sent you and letting us know you want us to upload it as a background image.