Business Cards

Everyone uses business cards right? Well, that's not what we are going to discuss here... at least not in the way that YOU are thinking. 

Providing value is something that everyone appreciates and it gets people to start liking and trusting you. What's the best way to provide value to someone you just met? 

Offer them a free, instant home value report. 

This isn't the common business card with your photo, contact information, and the cheesey "The biggest compliment I can receive is your referrals" on the back. This is a card that you have printed up SPECIFICALLY for your Home Value Leads site. It can be a colored background with your HVL site on it (a darker blue background with white text works very well) on one side. On the other, you put a simple call to action - "Get a Free, Instant Home Value Report In Less Than 30 Seconds." You can get these printed up very cheaply somewhere like VistaPrint online. 

How can you use a dedicated business card?

  • Pay some kid $10 per hour to put cards on all of the windshields at a local mall. (Remember, these are NOT branded, so if it upsets some people, they won't be upset at YOU!)
  • Put them in with the check when you pay for lunch/dinner at a restaurant (hopefully, you are a good tipper...)
  • Any time someone asks you "How's the market?" you can hand them a business card and say "It's great! Want to know what your home is worth? This site will tell you instantly."
  • Social events aren't the best place to talk business, so hand them a card, tell them to request a value, and if they have questions to give you a call. 
  • Hand them out while you are door knocking.
  • Hand them out at Open Houses
  • "If you had someone money, you hand them a business card." is an old adage that would fit well in this scenario. Give them to your doctor, your dentist, your drycleaner, and the list goes on and on.