How Can I Require A Name or Phone Number?

By default, your Home Value Leads landing page will only REQUIRE an email address, however we allow you to adjust this and make the name and/or phone number a required field as well. 

PLEASE NOTE: Just because you make these required fields doesn't mean they HAVE to fill them out. Anyone can close the page at any time to leave without submitting their contact information. This is known as a PARTIAL LEAD. In fact, REQUIRING more information will actually cause you to have more partial leads, so please keep this in mind. Be aware that you will normally receive 2-3 partial leads for every complete lead you get. This is normal and an expected part of internet lead generation (think of how many people may visit your real estate site and never submit a form. At least this way we are capturing some information so you can follow up.) By the way, if you REALLY hate partial leads and would like us to find contact information for you automatically, check out our Lead Enhancement add-on


1) Log into your Home Value Leads dashboard
2) On the left hand sidebar, click on SITE SETTINGS
3) HOVER over MICROSITE SETTINGS, then click on STEP 3. (See first image below)
4) You will notice that the sliders for Name and Phone Number are grayed out. Click the one you want to require and it will turn orange. (See second image below)
5) **NOTE** - The Page 3 Subtitle says "Email address is required. All other information is optional." You will need to change this since you are requiring more info now and you don't want to confuse or upset the potential lead. 
6) Click On Save