Lead Enhancement

Lead Enhancement is an add-on service that we have introduced to help you out with the problem of partial leads. It will even help out with complete leads that don't provide you with enough contact information (or bogus contact info).

We utilize a 3rd party service to automatically request information on the address. This service will be able to provide you with either a phone number or email address on a good number of your leads so you have at least some way of reaching out other than by mail or door knocking. We are usually able to enhance 75-80% of leads. 

In the image above, you can see that the second lead (Reita) and the 5th lead (Stacie) both provided all of their information themselves. The others did provide any contact information. However, this account has the Lead Enhancement, so our system found contact information, indicated by the ORANGE underlines.

You can see that the first lead here, Christopher Robinson, only had his name enhanced. On the third lead (Sharon), our system was able to find a phone number as well. The fourth lead (Mervin), our system was able to provide a name, phone number, and an email address. 

You may notice that the Send SMS button is not present below enhanced phone numbers. If you want to text these leads, you would need to do it manually.