Setting Overview

After signing up for a 14 day trial, a new user will be guided through a simple process that will allow them to set everything up within a matter of minutes.

After you go through the initial setup, your site should be good to go but below is a short explanation of each of the different HVL setting pages. 

Profile - People need to know who you are! Plus, you have to fill out the professional profile before you get access to cool features like automated home value reports 

Lead Follow Up - By default, there are a number of messages that will send to each of your leads including an updated value once a month.  You are able to edit the copy to your liking as well as add additional messages to the ongoing drip.  You can also send a one off email to your entire database on this same page.  Just click the following links for more info on E-Mail and SMS.

Main Site SettingsYour URL, third party pixels, main background photo can all be changed here. If you need a widget to display on your main real estate site, it can also be found on this page.  

  • Home Page Settings*** Edit your sites home page copy here.  
  • Contact Info Page*** You can control the page flow the lead goes through and change what the lead is asked/forced to give before submitting the page
  • Property Info Page*** Did you want to ask the user about the property in question? 
  • *** The "default" version is the best converting options we have. Please be aware that making changes to any of the settings may affect your conversion rates and we encourage you to test any changes that you make.

Reports and AVM - Control what the lead sees when they go to their report every month.  You can also adjust the values up or down if need be.

Notification settings - Control who gets admin notifications and how. 

Additional Cities - If you did not add these when you first signed up, you can add all the cities you work, one by one.  The system will then set up unique URLs for each of the cities you ad.  Each city you add can also have its own background image. Learn more here.

SEO Settings - these can usually be left as is.

Advertising - Using the advertising tab within your HVL dashboard makes it easy for you to set up a Facebook ad.  

Leads Dashboard - When you first log in, you will land on your dashboard. This will be a list of all of the contacts that your site has generated broken down by type. Since you are just getting started, this is probably blank, but don't worry. Follow our instructions and it will fill up quickly! 

Below are a couple of our older videos, they might help some of you.